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    Our Process

    Our Process

    We make running easy through a simple three-step process.



    There are two stories we want to know. One is a story of your running history and future aspirations. This includes your current mileage, prior running injuries/issues, and future goals if any beyond the pure enjoyment of living a healthy lifestyle. The second story we want to know is your biomechanical story. From there well guide you in the right direction by narrowing down to a curated selection of shoes just for you.

    Your running story is personal. It matters.


    As you briefly run in-store in the shoes weve curated for you, were going to help you identify what feels best. You may like a cushy shoe or prefer a more firm shoe. Theres no wrong answer. And, well make sure the models you try work for your biomechanics. During the process we may also give you a few pointers on your running form.

    Get ready to feel the sensation.



    You have 90 days from the date of purchase to run-in your new shoes. If you dont like them for any reason during that time bring them back and well give you full store credit towards a new pair of shoes. We ask you to trust yourself. Sometimes a shoe that felt great in the store just doesnt feel as good after putting some miles in. In that case, weve got your back.

    So get out and run worry-free!*

    1026 E Superior St
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    PH: (218) 728-1148

    Monday-Thursday: 10-7
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    Sunday: Noon-5

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