Running shoes come in a variety of different styles. If you're unsure of your biomechanics or preferences shoot us an email at or a call at 218.728.1148 (this number will redirect to our google voice number during the stay at home order). We'll be happy to guide you in the right direction.

Now offering Curbside Service at our store! You may purchase products online and select the "Pickup" option to pick up products we have in stock in front of our store.

Any purchases from these vendors through our shop will ship direct to your residence with FREE expedited shipping (select FREE ground shipping at checkout): Brooks, Mizuno, and Saucony. Hoka orders will be rerouted from us and may take an extra day. 


You have 90 days from the date of purchase to run-in your new shoes. If you don’t like them for any reason during that time bring them back and we’ll give you full store credit towards a new pair of shoes. We ask you to trust yourself. Sometimes a shoe that felt great in the store just doesn’t feel as good after putting some miles in. In that case, we’ve got your back.

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